Vent unveils new X-Rude scrambler, set for spring 2023 launch

The Italian manufacturer Vent has revealed its new scrambler-style motorcycle, the X-Rude, which should be available from 2023.

2023 Vent X-Rude.

Vent has introduced its latest model, the 125cc X-Rude, at the EICMA show in Milan this week.

Vent has been making small-capacity motorcycles aimed at younger riders for a while by now, with particular focus in the enduro and supermotard segments. The X-Rude, though, is something different, a ‘crossover’ motorcycle which is capable both on the asphalt of the city and on the dirt trails outside it. 

The name is of course a curious one in English, but, despite the Italian origins of the manufacturer, its meaning in the world’s most-used language is fully intended.

“The name X-Rude is meant to emphasise the masculine character of this model conceived by Vent,” the Italian manufacturer says. “It is rude in name and style. It winks at multiple segments, from Café Racers to Scramblers. It has a sleek style, with graphics and technical details that definitely connote it in a different dimension than the bikes available in the Vent range today.”

Visually, the bike features a single round headlamp, short mudguards front and rear, a quilted brown suede seat, wire-spoke wheels, dual tailpipes, a wrap-around number plate and rear light, and a graphics kit which strays from the standard white, black and red colours more usually applied to Vent’s motorcycles.

Despite its “masculine character,” Vent says the X-Rude is “suitable for a male as well as a female target audience.”

But what about the bike’s specifications? Well, it uses Vent’s 3.0 perimeter frame and a new suspension setting in both the 41mm RSV16 USD fork and RSV16 monoshock. Additionally, it uses CBS to control a 290mm front disc, and a 220mm rear disc.

The engine arrives from Motori Minarelli, who provide a 125cc four-stroke with Euro5 certification and variable valve timing, as well as EFI, a slipper clutch, and fuel consumption rated at 50km/l.

The Vent X-Rude will cost €5,000 when it becomes available in the spring of 2023.

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