Rugged looking MV Agusta adventure motorcycle incoming

A new full-on MV Agusta adventure motorcycle has been spotted out in the wild testing prior to an official launch

MV Agusta Turismo Veloce RC

IT was January 2020 when MV Agusta president Timur Sardarov spilt the beans on the Italian marques incoming new motorcycles. Probably the most exciting machine he admitted to being an incoming adventure motorcycle.

In the modern era, MV hasn’t really got its teeth into the adventure market, with its Turismo Veloce airing much more to the sports side of the touring segment. Now though it looks as though the firm is in the late stages of developing a proper rugged adventure bike – and we might not have to wait long to see it in the flesh.

The images (sadly we are unable to share) show a long-legged ADV bike that seems to be a completely new rolling chassis. It was easy to imagine MV just chucking a load of after-market parts at the current Turismo Veloce, although the lack of trellis frame seems to point to an all-new chassis.

Cradled within the new frame is a familiar powerplant in the form of the firm’s 800cc inline triple as found in the Turismo. The front end rolling stock features an off-road spec 21-inch front wheel, radially mounted Brembo callipers – although oddly the images Visordown has seen shows one of the calipers missing.

The bodywork of the bike is covered in camouflage although there is enough detail to be seen to confirm that the bike is a rugged-looking thing. The fuel tank flanks continue out and flare into the front fairing which extends into an upper fairing that shrouds the radiator.

The underside of the bike is protected by an impressive-looking sump guard that runs the full length of the underside of the bike.

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When could we see the MV Agusta adventure motorcycle?

With EICMA just a couple of weeks away, we wouldn’t bet against MV rolling this across the stage at Italy’s biggest motorcycle show. They often use the event as a springboard to help launch new models, we don’t see this year being any different!