Royal Enfield Scrambler 650 custom breaks cover

With Royal Enfield widely expected to add a scrambler 650 to the range, Royal Enfield Latvia have jumped the gun and built their own

Royal Enfield Scrambler 650

WITH Royal Enfield now boasting one of the most wide-reaching ranges in the firm’s 119-year history, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d be taking some time off from launching more new models.

With the single-cylinder Bullet still available in some markets, the new 650 Continental GT and Interceptor and Himalayan models, the Royal Enfield range is sizeable and varied.

Never a company to sit on its laurels though, the Indian motorcycle giant is looking to the 650cc twin-cylinder platform for what is widely expected to be their next new motorcycle.

And it’s thought to be coming in the form of a retro-styled scrambler, the like of which we’ve not seen from the company since the single-cylinder Clubman Trials machine from a few years back.

While the firm is busy working up the production version of the new scrambler, Royal Enfield of Latvia has taken the initiative and decided they don’t need head office for direction. They’ve gone and built a scrambler 650 all of their own and we love it!

It’s named the Scrambler MCH and was built by Moto Classic House (hence the name). It features a raft of modifications and changes over the stock 650 platform to give it that distinctive scrambler style.

With chunky knobbly tyres, a headlight grill, bash plate, and high-level Zard exhaust, it may not be a full production version, but it does give us a good as to what the new bike could look like.

Best of all, the Scrambler MCH is up for sale, with the Latvian branch of R+E asking €9,380 or around £8,500 – not bad a truly unique machine that actually is one-of-one.