The SAVIC is Australia’s first full-size electric motorcycle

The SAVIC C-series electric motorcycle is back on track for production after COVID-19 setbacks


AUSTRALIA’S first full-sized electric motorcycle hit the stoppers this year due to COVID-19, the SAVIC C-series gets back on track with deliveries expected this year.

The bike comes in three flavours, Omega, Delta, and Alpha, each model varying in spec, equipment, and performance.

The top-spec Alpha comes with an 80bhp, 130ft-lb motor, an 11kWh battery, and boasts a claimed range of around 200km.

Recharging times are quicker end of the spectrum too, with the bike going from 20% to 80% SoC (what most manufacturers call fully charged) in around four hours. SAVIC hasn’t scrimped on the chassis equipment either, as the C-series boasts what looks like decent spec forks and rear shock, paired with some chunky Brembo monoblock calipers. The weight sits at a manageable 210kg for the top-spec Omega version, with the lighter and smaller batteries of the Omega and Delta helping them to slim down slightly.

Tech-wise there is a full colour LCD dash, riding modes (no details of the number though), ABS, traction control, and regenerative braking control.

As with any electric bike, the price compared to a comparable petrol-powered machine is a little lop-sided. The top-spec Alpha version comes in at $23k (Aus dollars) making it around £13,000 over here. So for the price of this limited edition electric bike with not much range and four hours fill the tank time – you could just by a Yamaha MT10…

Tough sell!

SAVIC C-series electric motorcycle spec






60kW (80bhp)

40kW (53bhp)

25kW (33bhp)


190Nm (130ft-lb)

140Nm (103ft-lb)

110Nm (82ft-lb)





Charge time

4-6 hours

3 hours

2 hours





Price (+ORC)





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The top-spec Alpha comes with a 80 bhp (60 kW), 190 Nm electric motor with battery range claimed at 200 km on a full charge.

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