RMK E2 hub-less electric motorcycle spotted testing

The RMK E2 has been seen undergoing testing on the road prompting us to think that a full production version could be close


WE first reported on the RMK E2 electric motorcycle back in February this year, noting its wild hub-less rear wheel design as being one of the more interesting we’ve seen.

The thing is, with wild designs come massive design and development costs. The parts needed to make a system like this work are not off-the-shelf items. They require complex and expensive tooling to make them happen. Taking that into account, we did have an inkling that we’d probably never see the RMK E2 on road.

But how wrong we were, as the bike has been seen and pictured out on the roads in Helsinki undergoing some shakedown testing. Adding to the intrigue, it isn’t some grainy spy-shot taken on a low-fi phone camera we can see. The images posted on social media are very high resolution and have been shared by the official RMK social media account and on their own website.

RMK E2 tech details

The RMK E2 is claimed to be configurable for either 200km or 300km range. With an onboard charger that can take the bike from flat to full (80% is classed as full) in around two to three hours. The bike will also be suitable for fast charging, although those times are yet to be announced.

The E2 is claimed to have a peak power of 50 kW (67hp) and 320 Nm torque. The machine is said to have a top speed of 100mph.

The price for the machine is €24,990 (circa £22k) and interested parties can pre-order your very own E2 motorcycle from our website with a down payment of €2000.

For more information – head here: rmkvehicles.com