Ready for a new era? BMW to officially unveil the electric CE 04 scooter

BMW Motorrad is set to reveal the CE-04 electric scooter on the 7th of July, it’ll be our first glimpse at an electric machine from the German manufacturer.

BMW CE04 electric scooter

BMW Motorrad is no doubt getting the last lick of polish on their new electric scooter, ready for its reveal on the 7th of July. 

The BMW CE-04 will be the first electric scooter from BMW, and since it was first unveiled as a concept bike a number of years back, it wasn’t always a sure-fire release on the market. 

Since then, the scoot has been spotted out-and-about being tested in Spain, in a form not too dissimilar to the concept version seen in late 2020. 

BMW Motorrad tweeted ahead of it’s unveilling, with a brief promo clip:

Pause the video at certain points and you’ll see confirmation that we’re about to see the full unveiling of the CE-04 - the recognisable orange screen, true-to-concept front end, smaller scooter wheels & ‘CE-04’ text on the scoot. 

As of yet, there’s no official specs or stats available - so that’s most likely what we’ll be seeing more of on Wednesday.

But, there is no guarantee this release is just about the upcoming electric commuter - as the tweet notes, a new era will soon begin - and we’ll be ‘plugged to life’ (or plugged to the screen) to find out what’s up that Bavarian sleeve alongside their MY2022 models

Will we see a glimpse of an all-electric sports bike, cruiser, or adventure R1300GS? Maybe that’s what was under those socks… 

Either way, keep an eye on Visordown in the coming days for the latest news. 

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