Piaggio 1 scooter announced for 2021 Autumn launch

Piaggio is committing to the electric future with its all-electric 1 scooter – 37mph top speed and range of 52-miles


PIAGGIO has announced its electric solution to the urban mobility problem with the all-electric 1 scooter. The bike looks like a pretty standard Piaggio scoot’, although beneath the skin it features an all-new electric powertrain, removable batteries and a dedicated charging system.

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The bike comes in two flavours, Piaggio 1, and 1 Active. The moped-equivalent Piaggio 1 model features a 1.2kw (1.6bhp) motor, 27mph top speed, a range of up to 34-miles, and a £2,500 price tag. The scooter-equivalent Piaggio 1 Active boasts a 2.6bhp motor, 37mph top speed, a range of up to 41-miles, and a £3,000 price tag.

Crowning the cockpit is a colour dash that holds within it the riding modes the user can choose from – Eco and Sport. Eco limits top speed to 18mph helping to prolong battery life, while Sport unleashes the full *checks notes* 2.6bhp! Both versions are fitted with a fancy Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) that allows the bike to charge its own battery during deceleration events. Recharging the bike is done via the included charging system, and the battery is removable so it can be charged in your home or office.

Away from the fancy electronics, the underpinnings of the 1 and 1 Active are all as per a standard Piaggio scooter, meaning you have a low seat of 770mm, a relaxed rider triangle, hydraulic suspension, and brakes both front and rear.

The Piaggio 1 is available in a dual colour range: Forever Grey, Forever White, and Forever Black, Sunshine Mix, Arctic Mix, and Forest Mix.

We are waiting for confirmation of when the bikes will be landing in dealers.