BMW Vision AMBY blurs the line between motorcycle and bicycle

The BMW Vision AMBY boasts 37mph top speed and a range of up to 68 miles between charges


BMW has this week launched another electric concept, hot on the heels of its CE 02 small wheel electric machine earlier this week. The Vision AMBY (standing for Adaptive Mobility), is a conventional electric motorcycle, formed in the size and shape of a conventional off-road mountain bike.

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The bike has three speed options, 15mph for cycle paths, 27mph for inner-city road riding, and 37mph for multilane roads and out of town riding. BMW is quick to sensibly point out that to use the bike’s full potential, a helmet and riding gear, insurance, and the relevant licence would be required.

To ensure the bike is used in an appropriate manner, the Vision AMBY is equipped with a technology called Geofencing technology. The system is linked up to a type of GPS mapping system that can automatically change the output and speed of the vehicle. The technology enables the bike to detect the type of road, cycle path, or inner-city street it is being used on.

Now that all sounds great, but we’ve all had those moments when sat-navs have detected us on a could a few hundred yards away. And given that many cycle paths share the same space as conventional roads, the whole system is going to have to be extremely precise!

Riding the machine is pretty much identical to a conventional motorcycle, with a throttle grip accelerating the bike, while conventional footrests replace the bike’s pedals. The brakes are set up in the same way as they are on a conventional mountain bike or scooter, with huge looking hydraulic disc brakes helping to haul up the 65kg machine. The range is being touted as around 110km or around 70-miles.

The Vision AMBY is just a concept as it stands, in fact, BMW hasn’t yet confirmed a number of keys stats for the machine such as battery size and motor power output. It is though an interesting take on the urban mobility problem though, and so long as they can sort the Geofencing out – and ensure they aren’t ridden illegally by idiots, I’m all for it!