Peugeot P2x concept could be making its way to production

The Peugeot P2x was first unveiled at EICMA 2019 although until now there was no official plan to build a production version

Peugeot P2x concept could be making its way to production

PEUGEOT Motorcycles are well known in the industry as a successful and innovative scooter manufacturer. Indeed, it’s been more than 70 years since the French concern built what you would call a ‘conventional motorcycle’.

That could be about to change though, as Mario Minella, president of Peugeot’s Italian distributor has confirmed that a conventional motorcycle could be in the firm’s long-term plans.

Visordown super naked head to head

The bike that seems that the most logical to become reality is the P2x concept we saw at the EICMA motorcycle show in 2019. The bike was met with widespread applause from visitors and industry commentators, mostly because it’s actually quite cool looking, but also because it is so far removed from anything the company has built in the modern age.

In the interview with Italian website,, Minella confirmed that up to three engine platforms could be utilised for the machine.

He said:

“Returning to road bikes, the EICMA concept thas been very popular, even if the game will be played mainly on the Asian markets. We have a platform of engines based on 300cc which, can be [reduced] to 150 and [taken up to] 500cc. This is the basis on which to work for all markets, including the Italian one.”

The bike we suspect as being the basis of the bike is the P2x concept seen at the top of the page. It’s a funky looking retro naked, with elements of a flat-track bike thrown in for good measure. While even at the show we were told the machine was nothing more than a styling exercise, the bike did look to be complete, with everything from sensors and a functioning fuel injection system being in place.

Minella also confirmed that Peugeot could join the racing scene, possibly joining a class like Moto3 – as they did in 2015 under the Mahindra Peugeot banner.