Patent drawings reveal Kymco RevoNEX ABS system, repackaging

Kymco's anticipated RevoNEX naked ha shad more patent drawings leaked, this time showing and confirming the bike's ABS system.

Kymco RevoNEX

Patent drawings of the long-anticipated Kymco RevoNEX have been leaked, and reveal new details about the Taiwanese electric.

Kymco’s forte has become electric scooters in recent times. Just last week they announced the new Ionex i-One will be coming to Britain, but the RevoNEX has been in the work for some time in Taiwan.

Well, we say Taiwan, but it was already confirmed back in 2020 that the RevoNEX will be built in Italy. Back then, we thought the RevoNEX was nearing production, but 18 months on and we are still awaiting the bike. 

When it does arrive, the RevoNEX will be one of few geared electrics. Typically, manufacturers opt for a simple, direct, single-speed transmission for their electric bikes, but Kymco plans to use a multi-speed transmission for the RevoNEX. 

We already know from previous patent revelations in 2020 that the RevoNEX will use Ohlins suspension, and Brembo brakes. We now know, thanks to Super Moto 8, that those brakes will also feature ABS. 

The patents show that the ABS computer should be positioned right at the front of the bike, seemingly in front of where the engine block would be in a combustion motorcycle. Speaking of which, the electric motor will take the position of the gas engine, while the battery will take the place of the fuel tank on a traditional bike.

Curiously, the patent drawings which show the ABS do not show a gearbox. Super Moto 8 suggests that this will reappear on the drawings for the final production version, and also that the motor and battery will be different to the ones shown in 2019, after the 2021 confirmation of the partnership between Kymco and Harley-Davidson - which has its own electric off-shoot, LiveWire - for the development of electric bikes.

With these latest patent drawings, perhaps we will get some more concrete information updates from Kymco in the near future regarding the RevoNEX, and when we might see it in production.

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