Kymco announce electric Ionex i-One scooter to be brought to UK this year

Kymco have announced their first electric scooter that will be brought to the UK: the 50cc-equivalent Ionex i-One, which will be available in four colours.

Kymco Ionex i-One, white

The Kymco Ionex i-One electric scooter will be the first such scooter to be marketed in the UK by the Tiawanese brand.

The Ionex i-One is a 50cc-equivalent electric, with the ability to manage 60km (37 miles) at a consistent speed of 30kph (18.6mph). It features a lithium-ion battery, and a motor producing 4.2kW (1.3 horsepower), which means a top speed of 45kph (28mph). These are not world-beating figures, but the Ionex i-One is not designed for performance, rather for convenient and straightforward city commuting.

The i-One is available with either one or two batteries, meaning you can double the range of your scooter, or make use of one while the other is charging. And, speaking of charging, it will take eight hours to fully charge one of the Ionex i-One’s batteries, either at home or while “out and about,” according to Kymco, who also say that there will be a “fast charger” coming to the UK later this year. 

Outside of the motor, the Ionex i-One features LED headlights and a ”futuristic,” says Kymco, LED dashboard. There is also a predictive range system, so you can know exactly when your battery will run out of juice, and under-seat storage, for either an extra battery or your personal effects, such as work equipment.

Additionally, there are charge points on the scooter for your phone, or to plug in your GPS, three bag hooks, key ignition and locking, and passenger footpegs. 

Kymco says that it has “the ambition of bringing more of our Ionex range to the UK over the years to come,” after the launch of the i-One, which itself will be available in four colours: “Comet White,” “Vivid Red,” “Rose Gold Pink,” and Deep Metallic Grey.” Currently, Kymco have not provided information about the UK price of the i-One.