Ohlins and Akrapovic for ZZR1400 Performance Sport

Yep, it’s a Performance Sport. Not one of those Non-Performance Sport versions of the most powerful bike on the market.

SILLY name aside the 2014 Kawasaki ZZR1400 Performance Sport is actually a fairly interesting little update on what’s already the most powerful production bike you can buy.

Sure, it’s a parts bin special, but the addition of an Ohlins TTX rear shock and Acrapovic slip-ons – not claimed to increase power, but reducing weight and making for more noise – should make a noticeable difference to the bike.

Other tweaks include a higher, bubble screen and a new seat material, plus black-rimmed instruments.

Yasushi Kawakami, Managing Director of Kawasaki Motors Europe, said: “The ZZR1400 is understandably at the forefront of our sports touring offering. With so many dedicated ZZR fans – and significant numbers of riders migrating from other offerings in the market – the new Öhlins TTX equipped ZZR1400 Performance Sport looks set to add yet more choice for those who appreciate ultimate performance in terms of power, poise and handling.”

For 2014, all ZZR1400s will have ABS. The Performance Sport goes on sale late this year, at an as-yet-undisclosed price…