Suzuki produces GSX-R1000R in its classic racebike colours

Replica of firm's top UK-based classic racebike team is proper sweet

Classic Suzuki GSX-R1000R replica

FAIR PLAY to Suzuki GB and its classic race team, run by the firm's Tim Davies. It's raised the brand's profile massively over the past few years, while giving punters a proper show, with its Katana and XR69 racebikes braaaapping their way round various classic endurance races during the season.

But of course, the firm also makes some cracking modern bikes - like the latest GSX-R100R (one of which we had a proper ball on earlier this week - more anon). So what better plan that to make a classic race replica of the new 'un? And here it is - a properly nice paint job, with some sweet official Suzuki bolt-on accessories. It's missing the essential full Yoshi pipe of course, so we're marking it down for that - but it's still a lovely thing.

We imagine you'll be able to see the retro-rep Gixxer at the NEC, if not at a race meeting before then. And if there's enough interest, you'd imagine Suzuki might bring out a short run of official reps for sale...