New Brough Superior in development with Aston Martin to make EICMA bow

A new Brough Superior is in development as part of a collaboration with Aston Martin and will be revealed at the 2019 EICMA show

Brough Superior Aston Martin

The classic Brough Superior is set to make a surprise comeback at the 2019 EICMA show next month after a teaser sketch was revealed on social media. Most interestingly though, it has originated on the channels of famed British sportscar manufacturer, Aston Martin.

There isn’t too much to go on here beyond some telling hashtags and a drawing which shows precious little other than the basics. Then again, the hashtags Brough Superior and Aston Martin are enough to illicit plenty of stirring.

While the simple sketch gives nothing away, the design itself bears some hallmarks of previous Aston Martin car concept drawings, indicating this has emerged from the hand of an artist in Gaydon. Logical given Aston Martin’s globally famed design prowess.

As to what type of motorcycle will be unveiled at EICMA on 5 November, we can only guess until then but one educated suggestion is this will be a premium electric motorcycle, partially because it would be relevant to do so given where the market (both motorcycles and Aston Martin’s staple in four-wheels) is headed.

Also, squinting at the design, is that a bulky battery casing at the top or mere a flick of the designer’s pen?

Is Aston Martin’s diversification drive including motorcycles?

Save for a few motorcycles that pay tribute to the winged badge of Aston Martin, the manufacturer doesn’t have many connections to the two-wheel world.

However, this latest talk comes amid a very interesting time for one of Britain’s biggest motoring marques as it seeks to assure its future away from its sportscar base. 

2020 will see Aston Martin launch a it’s first-ever SUV, while it is developing a so-called Hypercar that will also compete in the World Endurance Championship. There are also rumours it could increase it efforts in Formula 1 where it currently title sponsoring the successful Red Bull Racing team – in short, ambition is high and seemingly there are funds aplenty to make it happen.

Perhaps more tellingly with regards to Brough, Aston Martin is in the process of reviving another famous historic brand – Lagonda – which will re-enter the automotive market with an premium electric SUV.

A similar vision of an electric future using a historic brand might be the thinking between reviving the Brough name too.

For now, we don’t know if this is a concept-only project designed to gauge interest, a simple collaboration for show purposes or a full-on buyout with grand plans. It won’t take long to find out.

Who is Brough Motorcycles?

Brough first built a bike back in 1902, during the early days of the global motorcycle boom. Their first machine was a crude contraption, hanging a simple single-cylinder engine from the downtube of a what was basically a bicycle.

Fast-forward the 1920s and Brough in the post-war era were making waves in the industry with bikes like the iconic Superior, made famous as the bike ridden by Lawrence of Arabia.

In present day, the Brough name is owned by Brough Superior Motorcycles, how design and build modern day reimagining’s  of those iconic bikes.