New 2021 Suzuki GSX-S1000 teased ahead of full reveal

The Suzuki GSX-S1000 might be about to get its most radical redesign yet, as a new teaser video is released

New Suzuki GSX-S1000

A new teaser video has been released giving us a fleeting glimpse of the new 2021 Suzuki GSX-S1000.

As with all teasers, this is the shortest and sweetest of looks at the bike, and to be completely honest, we had to slow the video down to figure out what was going on! And there might be more at work here than simply a Euro5 update…

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Obviously getting the bike through the latest emissions regulations is going to be top of the Suzuki to-do list, but remember that this is a bike that has been in production in this form since 2015. And it hasn’t exactly aged well.

That seems to be a point that Suzuki’s engineers have picked up on, as the new 2021 model seems to have undergone a significant redesign. We can pick too much from the video – the moody lighting and graphic effects basically steal the bike from view. One feature that Suzuki seem excited to share with us is the new headlight arrangement.

If there is one area of a bike that ages quicker than any other, it’s the headlight. And the stylised emblem-shaped item of the GSX-S1000 was no different. For the 2021 model, Suzuki is going for some radical, with a stacked headlight made up of multiple separate LEDs that protrude out from the front of the bike. Interestingly they don’t seem to be covered by any type of shrouding.

New 2021 Suzuki GSX-S1000 teaser video

As it stands, cast iron stats and specs of the model are unknown, and rather than speculate, we’re happy to wait. Suzuki is revealing more information on April 26th. We be sure to update you when more details emerge.