MV reveals tourer with semi-auto clutch

MV's Multistrada gets a semi-automatic clutch from Rekluse...

MV reveals tourer with semi-auto clutch

MV AGUSTA has revealed details of its new semi-automatic clutch technology, developed in conjunction with Rekluse, attached to its new Turismo Veloce SCS tourer that we are riding in Varese right now.

The Smart Clutch System offers the rider two choices: to use the clutch in the traditional way by operating the lever on the handlebars or hand over complete control to the system so that the rider can concentrate on the road and fully enjoy the ride.

MV’s aim with the new Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS is Superbike performance in comfort – like a Multistrada, let’s say. The idea is to improve rider comfort, reduce stress and enhance performance to the maximum, all at the same time.

We shall bring you the full ride later today…