MV Agusta shows off gorgeous retro supersport prototype

MV Agusta's F3 800-based Superveloce classic race-rep looks really quite stunning

MV Agusta Superveloce 800

OKAY, THE Varese-based outfit isn't perfect. They might sometimes drive us crazy, with their financial shenanigans, and flighty logistics. But every now and again, the folks at MV Agusta reminds us why we love them and their work so much, with simply sublime, beautifully-designed motorbikes.

And they've done it again here. The Superveloce 800 might be mostly an F3 800 triple under the bodywork - not that there's anything wrong with that of course, it's a great bike. Sweet engine, slick chassis, superb performance all round.

But the smooth lines and pure perfection of the Superveloce design transforms it into something else entirely. A 1970s-style carbon fibre fairing, immaculately cut, houses a round yellow LED headlamp, with an audacious light-amber windscreen popped on top and advanced LCD dash tucked in behind. SC Projects performs the plumbing witchcraft, with a three-into-one-into-three asymmetrical exhaust system, while Kineo wheels, Pirelli Super Corsa tyres, Brembo radial calipers and golden 'Serie Oro'-type swingarm pivots round off the simple, yet gorgeous style. Wow.

Agusta pretty much drops the mic on the press release. Look at this, check our history, we'll build it after our summer hols next year. Get your deposit down now.

Unless, of course, you think it's worth waiting to see if they make a 212bhp 1,000cc version too...