More anniversary Yamahas

R6 and Super Ténéré get the speedblock treatment

THE classic yellow, white and black ‘speedblock’ colour scheme is one of the best ever seen on a motorcycle – and on the occasion of its 60th anniversary Yamaha is wheeling it out on a range of bikes.

We've already seen that the 2016 R1 will be coming to the UK in classic speedblock colours. Now Yamaha has revealed the R6 and the Super Ténéré in the same scheme (although, weirdly, not the electronic-suspension version of the Super Ténéré). They've been unveiled in the US. Whether we'll get them in the same colours here is as-yet unclear.

Given the strength of the colour scheme in terms of being instantly-recognisable (not to mention an uncanny ability to make otherwise-bland bikes suddenly look enticing), you’d have thought Yamaha’s marketing gurus would ensure it was always available. Instead it’s only offered once in a blue moon, and on just one or two models.

Let's hope they see sense and add these two to the UK line-up. 

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