Kymco Downtown 350i and Agility Maxi 300i revealed

Two new bigs scoots plus Downtown 125i at Eicma 2014

TAIWANESE firm Kymco added two new big scooters to its line-up at the Milan show including a Downtown 350i.

It's 320cc single-cylinder engine has 21 more cubes than the current Downtown 300i, and it's got new sportier styling.

The engine is a 'new design' with better performance at low rpm and a more efficient automatic CVT transmission, resulting in high fuel-efficiency and low emissions, according to Kymco. 'Kymco continues to create vehicles for your dreams to come true,' the firm's press release enigmatically states.  

It makes 30hp, 1hp more than the Downtown 300i, which already manages 90mph. Torque for the new model is 20.9lbft.

It could leave Kawasaki's first scooter, the J300, a re-clothed and re-badged Downtown 300i launched earlier this year, in danger of already looking out of date.

ABS, an option on the J300, is standard equipment on the Downtown 350i.

A 125cc version, the Downtown 125i, makes 14.3hp and 8.1lbft.

The second new big scooter is the Agility Maxi 300i, or 'A'maXi' as it's referred to in Kymco's press material. You know a bike name is too long when even the manufacturer writes it in shorthand.

Its 270cc single-cylinder engine makes 23.3hp and 16.6lbft. Like the Downtown 350i, it comes with Bosch ABS.