KTM revive the 'original scalpel' 790 Duke for 2022 return

KTM is set to reintroduce the 790 Duke for 2022, although in Europe we will have deal with less power.

KTM 790 Duke 2022, grey/black.

KTM have announced the return of the 790 Duke to its naked range. In 2021, the 790 Duke was replaced by the 890 Duke, after the introduction of the 890 Duke R in 2020. 

For 2022, the 790 is back, which KTM say in a press release aims to fill the gap between the 390 Duke and the 890 Duke. By the reduction in power from 105 horsepower for most of the world to 95 horsepower for Europe, KTM is clearly marketing this bike at the younger riders who want a bit more power than that offered by a lightweight, since this 95 horsepower figure means the bike is eligible for A2-licence riders.

In their press release, KTM does not specify the torque produced by the European version, but the ‘rest of world’ edition, along with its 105 horsepower, will produce 87Nm of torque.

Additionally, the 790 Duke boasts an impressive range, with KTM quoting 4.4 litres per 100km. That’s around 14 miles on a litre of fuel, or around 64 miles per gallon. 

Suspension is provided, as you might expect, by WP at both the front and back, while the cornering ABS features a ‘Supermoto’ mode, and the usual KTM riding modes of ‘Sport’, ‘Street’, and ‘Rain’ will be available.

In addition to the cornering ABS, the traction control will also be corner-sensitive, and information relating to your riding mode, braking mode, fuel level et cetera, will be visible on the 790 Duke’s five-inch, full-colour TFT display. 

Naturally, there are several options you can add to your 790 Duke, if you wish. These include the addition of the ‘Track’ riding mode; ‘Quickshifter+’ (allowing for quick-shifting both up and down the box); Motor Slip Regulation; cruise control; a tyre pressure monitoring system; and KTM’s My Ride bluetooth connectivity. 

Furthermore, the 790 Duke can be fully customised with the customer’s personal choice of specially designed KTM PowerParts.
Without the additional pieces, the 790 Duke will come in at 8,999€, or around £7,500, and will be available in the traditional KTM orange, or grey and black.