Keanu Reeves’ Arch Motorcycles brand unveils new models at EICMA

Two of the models are Euro 4 compliant and coming to the UK

Keanu Reeves’ Arch Motorcycles brand unveils new models at EICMA

ARCH Motorcycles, co-founded by actor Keanu Reeves, has revealed three new models at EICMA.

Reeves and his cofounder Gard Hollinger introduced the 2018 KRGT-1, ARCH 1s, and ARCH METHOD 143 during a packed press conference, in which part of the stand actually collapsed from the pressure of the crowd.

Of the trio, the KRGT-1 and ARCH 1s will become production models, while the Carbon Fiber Mono-Cell chassied ARCH METHOD 143 be limited to only 23 units.

‘We’re very excited to have presented two motorcycles that represent our vision for the future of Arch Motorcycle,’ said Reeves and Hollinger.  

‘This also marks our commitment to having our motorcycle being Euro 4 compliant, and by creating the European distribution channel Arch Europe with our partner Suter Industries, we look forward to continuing to grow the brand in Europe after EICMA 2017.’

The second generation KRGT-1 builds on the original, which was launched in 2015. For 2018 it has received a number of ergonomic bodywork enhancements and new hardware including Ohlins FGRT series fork and an Arch rear shock and upgraded brakes with ABS (optional outside of the UK).

Featuring a 2032cc V-Twin sat inside a steel frame with CNC machined aluminum sub-frame, Arch describe the model as a ‘custom tailored, performance cruiser that can be ridden aggressively and also be comfortable for long distances’.

It wears BST carbon fibre five-spoke wheels and can be customised extensively to suit a customer’s needs, with the option of forward or mid controls just one example.

The all-new ARCH 1s is the Los Angeles-based manufacturer’s first production single-sided swingarm model, and is derived from the KRGT-1 with a sporty influence and more aggressive riding position.

It shares the KRGT-1’s powerplant and also features CNC machining and carbon fibre throughout, including in the fuel tank construction. The carbon fibre BST wheels on the ARCH 1s have 7 spokes.

Both the KRGT-1 and ARCH 1s are Euro 4 compliant, and will be coming to the UK thanks to the manufacturer’s recent partnership with Suter Industries, which created the European distribution channel Arch Europe.

Finally, the limited production run Arch Method 143 is Arch’s first concept production motorcycle.

A 2343cc engine sits inside its carbon fibre mono-cell chassis, which in turn is clad in a CNC machined aluminum bodywork with an integrated layered leather seat – ‘the type of leather you’d find in a designer handbag’, was how Reeves described it.

The Ohlins FGRT series front fork with carbon fibre air-foil and single-sided aluminum swingarm with carbon fiber cover wear eye-catching BST carbon fibre turbine wheels. There’s also a MotoGP-inspired titanium and carbon fibre exhaust system.

A touchscreen dash (will it work with gloves?) is positioned in front of the rider and an asymmetric LED headlight completes the bike’s dramatic look.

All Arch models are hand-built in its state-of-the-art, LA factory, to the ergonomic and aesthetic preferences of the rider.

Full specifications, prices and launch date have not been announced.