Kawasaki files for the trademark E-BOOST for future motorcycle model

The E-BOOST name is likely to relate to an incoming hybrid or all-electric Kawasaki motorcycle

Kawasaki Endeavor

KAWASAKI has this week filed for the trademark E-BOOST, in relation to future hybrid and electric motorcycle models.

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The latest patents relate to electric motorcycles from the firm, like the all-electric Kawasaki Endeavor electric motorcycle or one of its hybrid projects we’ve seen and heard about in recent months. It is though also likely not to be the only place we will see the name E-BOOST. Kawasaki’s previous patent images included a boost button and its video presentation on the future electric projects also showed a bike with multiple modes and power settings, some of which changed based upon where and what type of road the bike was on.

The new trademark goes hand in hand with a number of patent filings, press releases, and images of the future fuel Kawasaki models incoming. This latest trademark from the Japanese firm though is just another indication that Kawasaki’s electric (or at least hybrid) future is just around the corner.

How far off is the Kawasaki hybrid electric motorcycle?

We can’t say for sure, but maybe not as far as you think. Kawasaki pulled the covers off the prototype in November 2019. Since then, we have seen and reported on a flurry of updates, patents, and images relating to the bike. Generally applying for trademarks, as has been done here, is one of the finals steps in the process. It’s also worth noting that the next announcement might not be 100% dealership-ready and available for sale.

The engineers within Kawasaki have been working hard on two-platforms, the full-electric and the as-yet unseen hybrid – the only reason we know of that is through its patents. While it is true that the electric Endeavor prototype has been a test-bed in its own right, many believe it is likely that much of the tech within will be ingested by the hybrid bike.