The Italjet Dragster has sold out before production begins

All first editions of the Italjet Dragster have now sold out – before the machine has even reached the dealers!

Italjet Dragster

THE biggest news in the world of scootering in 2020 is the return of the iconic Italjet Dragster scooter. The modern remake of the classic Italjet wowed crowds at the EICMA show in Milan last winter.

Indeed, the buzz around the funky-looking performance machine was so much of a star of the show, you could barely get near the examples they had on their stand. Thankfully for the returning brand, the PR worked, as all of the first edition models of the new Dragster have sold out – before they even hit the showroom floor!

The stylish machine is available in two flavours, 125 and 200cc, and is available in anthracite, red and white; anthracite and yellow; or black and grey. There is, sorry, was also a stunning looking black and gold limited edition model (pictures) announced, a paint scheme that evokes memories of JPS Lotus F1 cars and Trevor Nation and the Norton rotary TT bike. And if you are a fan of that colour scheme, you’re out of luck, as that has also sold out.

In fact, if you want to land 2020’s coolest scooter in your collection, you might have to wait till 2021 to do it. Due to COVID-19’s flattening of pretty much all of 2020’s major dates and events, production of the now sold-out first limited edition bikes will begin in September this year, with the standard machines following on shortly after.

Bobby Beck, Italjet UK's Marketing Manager commented:

"It’s a truly unique product that has some astonishing fans, I've had messages from celebrities, film directors and even a designer from one of the worlds’ finest supercar manufacturers. For a new product to be this well-received so quickly is almost unheard of in the motorcycle industry. Most vehicles take years to achieve an iconic status, it would appear the new Dragster is practically already there, and it's not even hit the market yet"

Italjet Dragster UK price

Prices for the standard bikes start at £4,999 for the 125cc version and £5,199 for the 200cc machine. Visordown is in constant contact with Italjet’s team in the UK and you can be sure that as soon as we’re allowed, we’ll be giving the new Italjet a thorough going over!

For more information, head to motogb.co.uk