Italjet Dragster to begin production in May

The reboot of the iconic Italjet Dragster scooter is moving forwards with a reported production date of May 2020

Italjet Dragster

THE 2020 version of the Italjet Dragster is set for a production date that will see bikes beginning to be built in May of this year.

The production will be taking place in a newly built factory in Bologna, which will produce all three of the 125cc, 150cc and 200cc versions.

Speaking of the news, Italjet President and CEO, Massimo Tartarini said:

“The Dragster is expected in every part of the world. The First Edition series of 499 units numbered and certified, that were offered to all Dragster fans, are now sold out,”

“Bookings came from more than 20 different countries. Now the wait is about to end: Dragster production will start in May,"

The new Dragster uses an innovative suspension system that uses a swingarm at the front and rear of the machine. Despite this unusual setup, the Italjet boasts a dry weight of just 108kg for the 125cc version and 112kg for the 200cc model. With just seven litres of fuel capacity and a small amount of oil carried in the bike’s sump, the wet (ready to ride) weight is not expected to be much more than this.

Sticking to the original Dragster design aesthetic, the new machine wears its frame externally, with aluminium tubing forming a trellis frame, linked structurally by aluminium sections for added strength.

The first bikes will hit the streets in the home territory of Italy, at a price tag of €4,800 (£3,995) although no confirmation of the UK price has been agreed. Italjet says that 90% of the models will be offered for export markets with the UK and Germany markets being amongst the biggest in Europe.

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