Incredible Bimota/Kawasaki TESI H2 breaks cover

Bimota, recently purchased by Kawasaki, has just unveiled the TESI H2 at EICMA; Here are some close-up images and details of the new supercharged machine.

Bimota/Kawasaki TESI H2

For a while, there was speculation that Japanese powerhouse Kawasaki had purchased the flagging Italian Bimota company. And now the speculation is well and truly over, with the introduction of the supercharged TESI H2. 

As the name would suggest, the TESI H2 is powered by the absolutely bonkers [in a good way] 998cc supercharged Kawasaki H2 engine, and It’s mounted in a bespoke Bimota double swingarm chassis. 


The chassis is home to some seriously technologically advanced stuff, with the front suspension able to move in completely separate directions. Thanks to this system, during heavy braking, the wheelbase remains the same because the forks don’t dive like conventional telescopic units. Leading to greater stability and later trail braking. 

In terms of the power figure, we are not sure. However, it’s a safe bet that it will be pushing out at least 240hp, and at the very most 300hp (much like the H2R). The latter is probably a bit ambitious. 

Regardless of its power, the TESI H2’s gorgeous design and fighter jet-like presence makes you want to save up all your pennies and buy one. Although, with a sh*t ton of CNC aluminium parts, two electronically controlled Ohlins dampers and lashings of carbon fibre, you might be saving up for a while… [price to be confirmed]

The TESI H2 will be made in limited numbers and is expected to hit UK shores by June next year. 

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Bimota TESI H2 walk around video