Honda VFR1200 gets traction control

..and a couple of minor tweaks for 2012

Honda VFR1200 gets traction control

HONDA have tweaked their VFR1200F for 2012, with traction control being the biggest change.

When the VFR1200F was introduced, many journalists lamented the lack of traction control but it appears Honda have caught up with demand. The other changes include improved fuel efficiency and engine revisions which increase torque between 2,000 and 4,000rpm.

While the 2012 VFR1200F DCT carries on using the first generation DCT, it does include software updates, which Honda claim will improve functionality. These changes are likely to be the same software logic as used in the second generation DCT, where in automatic mode if the user wants to manually change gear the system will revert back to automatic rather than staying in manual.

The LCD now shows on-the-go fuel consumption, average fuel consumption and remaining range.

The 2012 VFR1200F will be available in dealers shortly, however the revised DCT version will be available in the second-half of 2012.

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