Honda Forza UK-bound

New 2013 scooter brings Japanese sports-scoot fashions our way

HONDA has revealed its new NSS300 Forza – and it looks like the bike is likely to come to the UK.

While the Forza has been around in 250cc form for 12 years, it's not currently offered over here. The new 300cc version gets updated styling, clearly taking its lead from the Japanese trend for sporty scooters with cut-down screens and long, low looks.

The 300cc injected single makes 24bhp and is attached via a centrifugal clutch to a continuously-variable transmission – typical scooter stuff. Honda claims it will manage 87mpg, giving a massive 220-mile range from the 11.6 litre tank. Being a Honda, it's got linked brakes with the option of ABS.