Harley-Davidson CVO Pan America looks to be in the works

The Harley-Davidson Pan America looks to be getting the CVO treatment, as documents filed in the USA name the bike

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The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has revealed a new top-spec bike from Harley-Davidson, as the CVO Pan America is named.

The CVO name is usually reserved for the headline bikes in the range and stands for Custom Vehicle Operations. As we found with the new CVO Street Glide at the end of last year, bikes that bear the name will usually be graced with the highest spec’, the most tech’, and more standard fitment toys than you can shake a stick at. They also, generally, feature a larger displacement than the equivalent machine in the normal H-D range, although that doesn’t seem the case with the new Pan America. The CARB filings detail a bike with an identical 1,252cc engine as found on the stock machine, leading us to believe that the performance statistics of the new CVO are the same as the standard machine.

The main difference that can be found in the documents though is in the weight of the new bike. A stock Pan America 1250 weighs 258kg (in US spec’), while the new CVO version seems to be coming in around 20kg heavier. That increase in weight is leading us to believe that the new bike could be an adventure or touring spec version of the big ADV, possibly already equipped from the factory with luggage and possibly some other accessories.

CVO models also tend to have the most luxurious paint finishes and premium detailing added to them, so it’s highly likely that the new Pan America if and when it lands, will be a very different-looking bike to those currently available.

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