Harley-Davidson 300cc cruiser variation spotted in China

The low capacity 300cc cruiser from Harley-Davidson and QianJiang has been spotted in China. The motorcycle will be available in China first, then India

harey-davidson srv300 low capacity cruiser

HARLEY-DAVIDSON doesn’t currently offer a low-capacity motorcycle, but thanks to a collaboration with QianJiang (one of the largest 2 wheeled manufacturers in China) there looks to be a 300cc cruiser on the way. 

Spotted first by Newmotor.com.cn, this Iron 883 lookalike is reported to run on a 296cc V-twin mill, providing roughly 30bhp of power, and weighing in at around 163 kg - and is not actually going to be called a Harley-Davidson.

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It is, in fact, expected to be named the QJMotor SRV300, and the Chinese market will be the first to see wheels touch the road - with a release in India to shortly follow. Due to the fact this spotted model seems to be fairly road-ready, a release in China is likely right around the corner. 

Harley-Davidson - except, kind of not at all

Stylistically, this SRV300 ticks all the boxes for cruiser fans, particularly those who love the look of a Harley-Davidson cruiser, but with a fraction of the power (and hopefully a fraction of the cost). It’ll match up well in the market against the Royal Enfield Meteor 350, Benelli Imperiale 400 and Jawa Standard. 

Other specs reported as a digital instrument cluster, dual-channel ABS, LED lights all around, a 5-speed transmission & USD forks with twin rear shocks. 

Will this motorcycle ever hit the shores of the UK? Perhaps, it will have a lot of appeal to A2 (and Cat A) riders who will be looking for a lower capacity new bike model, where a 125cc doesn’t quite scratch that ‘bat out of hell’ itch.