Electric concept motorcycle - wireless charging air purifier on wheels

A fresh look at what an electric motorcycle could be for the environment, in this case actually purifying the air as you ride - and with wireless charging!

aether electric motorcycle

ELECTRIC news - what makes an electric motorcycle stand out amongst all of the others, particularly when it comes to how eco-friendly they are? Well, what if it actually purified the air as you ride along?

You may be lifting an eyebrow, but yep - the ambitious Aether concept electric motorcycle by Lin Yu Cheng is actually designed to clean the air of carbon monoxide.

Electric motorcycle walkaround - Super Soco TC Max

Super Soco TC Max (2021) Walkaround | Electronic Motorcycle | Visordown

With two large air intakes placed in front of each leg pulling in air as you ride, passing through the ceramic filter modules to trap PM 2.5 micro-particles, expelling filtered and clean air. 

Once the filters have done their job, they can be cleaned or replaced periodically to continue cleaning the air! 

Now the actual motorcycle may look like an iron with wheels, but you have to applaud the ingenuity of the idea. 

Electric Motorcycle concepts can get a bit wild

It doesn’t stop there, though - the Aether has been conceptualised with a wireless charge board on the underside of the bike, theoretically allowing for wireless charging in parking spots. This would allow you to park up in a designated space, and come back to your bike with a full charge in a reported 30 minutes. 

Now, I’m not sure if that’s entirely realistic (I thought wireless charging still needed a contact surface) but if it’s possible, the opportunity for a simple charging interface would be extraordinary. 

Kind of looks like the Tesla Cybertruck, in fact, that’s definitely where the inspiration has come from. Electric bikes are still in the early days of making concepts stand out rather than sell on looks, I suppose.