Ducati Scrambler Hashtag revealed

It’s the Ducati you can only buy online – but you still have to go to a dealer.

Ducati Scrambler Hashtag revealed

A WEEK ago Ducati started teasing its forthcoming Scrambler Hashtag – an online-only version of the Scrambler that it’s set to sell in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

Clearly intended to cater to the click-to-buy generation, the Hashtag can’t be bought conventionally in dealers. 

But if you were hoping that it would result in a large, Ducati-branded cardboard box arriving with a next-day courier, you’re in for a disappointment.

Instead, buying the Hashtag involves paying a €500 online deposit, which gets you a voucher. You then take this voucher to a Ducati dealer, where the rest of the sale is completed, you make the final payment and get a delivery date. 

Deliveries start in March, but will involve going to collect the bike from a dealer, as usual, rather than some sort of to-your-door system.

Which leads to something of a question over what the Hashtag ordering process really offers that a conventional purchase doesn’t.

That just leaves the bike itself. The Hashtag comes only in black with orange logos and a Desert Sled-style seat. It’s based on the 400cc Sixty2, and in Italy will cost €6,990. You also get a 20% discount on Scrambler apparel and official Sixty2 accessories.