Ducati: 'This is black'

Yes we know

IT'S that time of year again. The time when manufacturers show us oblique videos accompanied by obscure messages, also known as teasers for their new models.

This time Ducati's at it (again) with this weird teaser video for one or more of the nine new models the Italian the firm has promised to unveil at the Eicma Milan show in November. Could it be that new cruiser?

Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali has said two of the new models will take the firm ‘into segments in which we’re currently not present’.

The 44-second video asks us 'What is black?' before showing us some black objects and saying 'This is black,' thereby showing its own question to be unnecessary.

It also says 'Black is elegant, black is rough, black is explicit, black is mysterious, black is gentle, black is brutal' and tells us we should look forward to something on November 16, the day of Ducati's press conference ahead of Eicma.

It came with a press release which made no more sense. It said: 'This is Black, Ducati storytelling changes shape

It is time to tell a new story for Ducati. The story about to begin is refined, elegant and mysterious. And it is heading towards a new universe, as yet unexplored by the Company. A universe which will come to life on November 16, the date we will finally unveil all the innovations ready for 2016.

The story begins with a project called “This is Black” and is developed across three different forms of expression: a multimedia installation, video mapping and two unpublished musical tracks. The project kicks off locally: as part of the Bologna Design Week (from 30 September to 3 October) and at the international electronic music and digital arts event, roBOt Festival (Bologna, 7 to 10 October).

A new story to tell, which can be followed on the www.ducati.com website and on our social channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Fans can join the conversation regarding the new story using the #xducati hashtag.'

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