Damon launch Arctic Sun and Midnight Sun versions of Hypersport

The Damon Hypersport is being touted as the fastest and most advanced electric motorcycle to date

Damon Hypersport Arctic Sun & Midnight Sun

DAMON Motorcycles have announced two limited-edition versions of its Hypersport electric sportsbike which are available to pre-order now.

Both models fall into the Hypersport Premier range, which already gives owners certain levels of customisation and exclusivity over its standard bikes. The new models, names the Artic Sun and Midnight Sun, take the snobbery to a whole new level though, with appropriately painted fairings and gold leaf-a-like inserts.

The bikes are rumoured to be costing around $40,000 (around £30k) and have a range of nearly 200-miles, a 200mph top speed and a recharge time of 20-minutes to 80%. Exciting number indeed given the current crop of electric bikes will barely get over 120-miles and recharge in a couple of hours on average. They also feature advanced rider safety systems such as crash detection and vehicle avoidance warnings.

Helping to forge its place at the top of the electric motorcycle tree, Damon recently acquired now-defunct Alta motorcycles and the IP (Intellectual Property) of the exciting looking Mission Motors program.

Damon will use Mission’s product and racing tech, (they competed at the Isle of Man TT in the TT Zero class) and will likely use the firm's electric motorcycle drive-trains, batteries and control systems.

Speaking to Tech Crunch, Damon COO, Derek Dorresteyn said:

“There are certain bits of that we’re going to roll into the commercialized Hypersport … Specifically, we’re using the motor development that they had as a platform to advance our motor design…We’re looking at achieving 12 newton-meters per kilogram of torque output from an electric motor,”

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