Could this be an electric Jawa motorcycle

Rumours suggest that Jawa is working on a new electric model in 2022 and here’s what it could look like

Jawa electric motorcycle

THE rumours of an electric motorcycle from Indian brand Jawa have been circling the internet for a while now.

They surfaced after Jawa’s parent company, Classic Legends, were understood to be working on a new electric machine, coming either from Jawa, Yezdi, or possibly one from each brand.

How an electric Jawa could look

Without having confirmed specs or data from the manufacturer, it’s tricky to envision what the electric bike could look like.

If one thing is for sure, an electric motorcycle from Jawa is not going to look like a spaceship from another dimension. The firm is deeply rooted in its history and makes classically styled bikes that are so authentic in their appearance, you’re hard pushed to tell they aren’t genuine classic motorcycles.

Rather than wait and see what the outcome is, EV Facebook page ElectricVehicleWeb has taken matters into their own hands, producing this authentic-looking rendering of how the motorcycle could look.

To create the machine, they took the standard petrol-powered Jawa model, removed the twin-cylinder 239cc, 27bhp engine, and replaced it with a battery back that looks as though it forms a structural part of the bike’s chassis.

The rest of the bike is faithful to the original machine, with retro features from front to back, even the Jawa’s retro-looking indicators, headlights and mudguards remain.

Power for the electric machine comes from a hub-mounted motor, although stats on the performance of that would be pure speculation. What we can say though is that Jawa is not a brand to go chasing rapid performance figures. Instead, they prefer to stick to classically style bikes that turn heads, not lap times. With that in mind, we expect Jawa’s official electric offering to have similar power and top-speed to the firms existing models.