CFMoto MT-X headlines new Chinese concepts

The CFMoto MT-X was one of a number of new and concept motorcycles showcased by the Chinese manufacturer at EICMA recently


The CFMoto MT-X is only a concept for now, but it offers a promising look into CFMoto’s adventurous intentions.

Aside from the showcase of the three-cylinder engine that will power the CFMoto 675SR sports bike, CFMoto also displayed a number of other new models and concept bikes at EICMA.

The 450MT is one such example, but the CFMoto MT-X promises to be the most off-road-capable bike from CFMoto yet.


While only a concept, the MT-X does also look to be in a fairly final form, and even has add-ons from brands such as Akrapovic and KYB. It also features an eight-inch TFT display which is mounted vertically in the style of a rally roadbook. Plus, there's a 21-inch front wheel, full LED lighting, and the fuel tank is positioned lower than in any other MT model for a lower centre of gravity and therefore enhanced stability. Nothing is set in stone about the bike’s production, or even if it will reach production.

CFMoto 125NK Concept

The CFMoto 125NK would be arguably one of the most interesting-looking 125cc bikes around were it to go into production. In a way, its styling is not dissimilar to the KTM 125 Duke - they are both quite angular and aggressive - but the combination of the 125NK’s blue and yellow dress, and small details like the concave front mudguard certainly add to its aesthetic appeal.

Like the MT-X, the 125NK is still only a concept at this stage, but CFMoto says “The NK family is ready to welcome a new member.” This indicates it's not far away from production, and the inclusion of Pirelli tyres on the concept version displayed at EICMA would seem to support this, as does its TFT display and ‘Made for CFMoto’ exhaust from SC Project. (It’s probably a long shot, especially for a 125, but we hope the production version keeps the F1-esque tyre stripes.)

CFMoto 800NK GP

The CFMoto 800NK GP is a new variant of the recently launched 800NK which takes further inspiration from racing. In the Moto3 World Championship, CFMoto is about to conclude its second season as title sponsor of the PruestelGP team, and the 800NK GP’s blue and pink livery is a nod to the paint scheme run on the CFMoto-sponsored KTM RC250GPs in Moto3.

The GP variant is not just a pretty colour, though, as CFMoto also adds uprated Brembo brakes, adjustable suspension, a slip-on exhaust and numerous CNC parts to the specification. Further, the footrests are raised, the bars are lowered, the pillion seat is thrown away, and protection is added to the fork and swingarm.

CFMoto CL-X Spirit

Finally, CFMoto also revealed a new model in its neo-retro ‘CL’ line at EICMA, with the new CL-X Spirit scrambler.

The CL-X Spirit is the fourth member of the CL-X range after the 700CL-X Heritage, 700CL-X Adventure, and 700CL-X Sport. The Spirit takes the same base, adds a high-up Sparklit exhaust, a flat brown seat, and spoked wheels to deliver a kind of custom scrambler look. Again, there's currently no availability information about the CL-X Spirit.