Stunning Norton 125th anniversary colours go beyond nostalgia

Norton has launched a selection of new 125th anniversary colours for three of its bikes, with only 125 units being produced

Norton V4SV 588

A new collection of anniversary colours have been launched by Norton, which celebrates 125 years of building motorcycles in 2023.

In total, there are six new anniversary edition bikes being launched by Norton, all with the same technical specifications as the base models, these being the Norton V4SV, V4CR, and Norton Commando 961.

The inspiration taken for the new anniversary editions of each of the motorcycles is derived from four bikes from Norton’s past: the Energette, Manx, Formula 750 Works Racer, and NRS588.

Although Norton began as a company making motorcycle parts in 1898, the Energette marked the firm’s first attempt at its own motorcycle in 1902. Pairing a 142cc engine with a bicycle frame, Norton marketed the bike as “good for doctors”.

The Commando 961 will be the only bike available in the Energette limited edition colour, with a deep yellow paint, brown leather saddle, alloy yokes, natural alloy engine, silver headlight, polished alloy handlebars and polished Ohlins suspension. The seat cowl is colour-matched, and “wears a commemorative 125-year anniversary crest, bearing the Limited Edition logo,” Norton says.

The Commando 961 is also the only bike available in the new Manx colour, featuring a black bodywork and frame along with a silver tank. The engine, footrests, yokes, and Ohlins suspension are all also blacked out, while the finishing touches are added in carbon - specifically the chainguard and screen. The seat cowl gets the same treatment as with the Energette.

Once again, it is only the Commando 961 that is available in the ‘Transatlantic’ scheme based on the Formula 750 Works Racer, with a red, white and blue colour scheme across the petrol tank, airbox, seat unit and seat cowl that pays homage to the 1972 season in which the bike was victorious in the British 750cc Championship, the F750 Isle of Man TT, and the Transatlantic Trophy. Added to the colourful bodywork is a blacked-out engine, footrests, and yokes.

Finally, the ‘588’ paint is available on the Commando 961, V4SV, and V4CR. Featuring paintwork inspired by the rotary race bikes of the late 1980s and early 1990s, the ‘588’ editions all feature black engine, black footrests, black yokes, black Öhlins suspension, carbon fibre chainguard, carbon fibre flyscreen and gold rims. The Commando 961 version once again gets the same seat cowl treatment, while the V4SV and V4CR get gold anodised wheels from OZ and the 125th anniversary crest on top of the seat unit.

All of the Commando 961 125th anniversary edition variants are priced at £18,999, while the ‘588’ versions of the V4CR and V4SV are priced at £49,999 and £51,999, respectively. 

All of the 125th anniversary edition bikes from Norton will be on display in a public debut at Motorcycle Live from 18-26 November. Orders are set to open following this first public appearance of the bikes.