Beauty becomes the beast! BAAK Triumph Scrambler 1200 revealed

French custom motorcycle builder BAAK has created a kit to transform the Scrambler 1200 into an angular Dakar racer


IT might look like the image above is still rendering, but beneath that angular bodywork from BAAK Motorcycles lies a Triumph Scrambler 1200!

While this is a machine that is likely not to everyone’s taste, it is distinctive nonetheless, although we can’t help but think that the stock Scrambler 1200 is a much better looking machine. To create the BAAK 1200 Adventures, the stock bike is stripped of its fuel tank, headlight and binnacle, and all of its bodywork. It’s then replaced with an in-house designed and built tank and that distinctive bodywork.

While the styling is the first thing you notice, beneath the skin, there are some improvements over the stock bike. For starters, the Scrambler 1200s fairly lacklustre range has been improved thanks to a cavernous 30-litre (you read that right!) fuel tank. That’s nearly double the 16 litres the stock bike gets, and should easily provide the machine with a range of nearly 200 miles.

The ergonomics of the bike have also been tweaked, giving the BAAK Scrambler a more focused riding position when taking to the dirt. Another area of solid improvement with the bike is its weather protection. The Scrambler 1200 as standard comes with basically no fairing or screen to speak of, and the bolt-on aluminium kit on this bike does at least give you somewhere to cower when the weather turns nasty!

Other changes come in the form of proper hard luggage, a nice touch for a bike that can now cover big miles, and a rather neat-looking up-swept exhaust.

‘And the price…?’ I hear you cry, well, you better sit down treacle! The bike costs a shade under €9,000 – and that DOES NOT include the cost of the donor bike. With a brand new base-spec Scrambler 1200 XE costing £12,295, you are looking at a £20,000 pile of ugly right there!

Triumph Scrambler 1200 Review

Triumph Scrambler 1200 Review