New Yamaha R9 gets closers as nameplate is trademarked

Yamaha has protected the nameplate R9 as its style and presentation is protected with a trademark filing


IT might not be a WorldSBK racer with 200+bhp, but the intrigue surrounding the much talked about Yamaha R9 remains strong – even after more than a year of rumours.

Today though we get further confirmation from the Iwata factory that the new bike is indeed incoming, as its name and branding are protected with a trademark filing. The R9 was first officially mentioned by Yamaha in mid-2019, when its full name, YZF-R9, was registered. As is the way with Yamaha’s more sporty offerings though, the actual name the bike will be referred to as will be much shorter and more succinct, and the R9 is born. Nearly.

While the recent trademark filing does show us at least what the branding on the side of the bike will look like – and it’s really no surprise it looks like it does! – it doesn’t give us any indication as to the spec or features of the incoming middleweight. It doesn’t take much to picture the machine though and using the 2022 Yamaha R7 formula as a base, expect a more racy riding position with clip-on bars, higher pegs and a taller seat. Styling-wise the new bike is expected to stick closely to the design ethos seen on the R125, R3, R7, and R1. That familiar look is one of the most visually appealing sights on two wheels, and with that in mind, we’d expect the new R9 to be a stunner when it is revealed.

The spec of the MT-09 the bike is based on is already very good, with excellent chassis components and an electronic suite lifted from the R1. On that front at least there isn’t much you’d change. The engine of the stock MT-09 and MT-09 SP is also class-leading, with over 100bhp on tap and a delicious spread of mid-range torque. While that will likely remain the same on the new R9, we’d expect some tweaks to the gearing or final drive – as per the R7 we rode in 2021.

And sadly, that is about all the crystal ball gazing we can do on this one. We can’t tell you when the new bike will be arriving, although with its branding now seen for the first time, the full reveal can’t be that far away. We’ll be at the EICMA show in Milan very soon, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more information and will bring you any news as soon as we have it.

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