2019 Yamaha VMAX stealth concept | Jakusa Design

Jakusa Design reimagines the Yamaha VMAX motorcycle adding some stealthy yet bold additions to the v-four powered heavy cruiser.

Jakusa Design Yamaha Vmax

A stock Yamaha VMAX is already an impressive looking machine which has plenty of muscle to flex as it cruises along the open road. Whilst most people would be content with the stock machine, Jakusa Designs thought otherwise, and have created a sharper, lower, darker and all-around better-looking VMAX (in my humble opinion). 

Comparing the stunning artist renders to the standard machine (see above) you can see some key differences. 

The Jakusa Design render features solid flat disk rims (black of course), which gives the Vmax a bold militant feel. Couple the solid rims with a scooped lower bikini fairing and what was once militant and assertive melts away into the lines of the bike's bodywork. The raised handlebars have been swapped for a pair of low mounted clip ons, making the Jakusa VMAX look a bit like a Neo Cafe racer on a sh*t ton of steroids.  

The upper bodywork from the head to the tail has received the full MT-10 treatment. And the new/recycled headlight and tail assembly produce a sharper aesthetic - emphasised by the matt black and dark grey colour scheme. 

Homage is paid to the standard VMAX with the carryover of the shark fin on the fuel tank. Honestly, if this motorcycle had teeth it would bite you like someone on bath salts...

Apart from these major changes, Jakusa has removed the bulky rear licence plate holder, rearview mirrors and passenger footpegs. And by gosh does it look like a weapon!

How would you rate this Jakusa Design VMAX concept? Is it better than the standard VMAX?

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