2018 Yamaha Niken price announced

UK price announced for radical new leaning reverse trike thingy

2018 Yamaha Niken price announced

We're off to the launch of the new Yamaha Niken tomorrow, and Yamaha's online ordering system has just opened for the 'bike' too. Which means they've also finally announced a price for it - £13,499. That's around £5k more than the MT-09 which supplies the engine for the Niken - a fair chunk, but not as hefty as some folk thought it might have been. Here's where to order one.

Now normally we can have an instant gut reaction to seeing a new bike’s price. We know what the obvious rivals are, and how much they cost, and from that we can make a snap judgement on whether or not it’s good value. 

But with the Niken, that’s impossible. How much should we expect to spend on a tilting trike with a 115hp three-cylinder engine? The thing’s got as much power as a first-gen Fireblade or early Ducati 916, so even though it’s heavy – 263kg ready-to-ride – performance is going to be leagues ahead of any other three-wheeled offering on the market.

We're riding the Niken this Saturday, and will be reporting back on how it goes as soon as we can. At that stage getting a handle on that price tag will become a little easier. But with limited numbers available, how soon will the Niken sell out? 

In the meantime, here's some light background reading on how the Niken came about... 

New Yamaha Niken three-wheeler - Closer look | EICMA 2017