A skatepark and a pit bike could be the perfect way to spend a day!

X-Games athlete Axel Hodges jumps a Kawasaki KLX110 around a skatepark in this epic video

Axel Hodges Kawasaki KLX110

WE LOVE a pit bike here at Visordown, you only have to look at our review of Oset’s epic MX10 we posted a couple of months back to see that. Yes, they are down on power compared to their full-size counterparts, but their diminutive size and weight make them a genuinely entertaining machine to mess about on.

But taking a pit bike to a skatepark and sending it in the way that Axel Hodges does is a little above my paygrade if I’m honest! But for Mr Hodges, ripping up a skatepark on a bike like this is second nature. He’s an X-Games athlete, riding in the Snowbike and Motocross categories.

Axell won his first X-Games gold in Minneapolis 2018, in his QuarterPipe High Air debut, soaring 34-ft 3-in to gold. He followed it up with bronze in Best Whip competition, in both Minneapolis and Sydney. He also earned gold in Real Moto 2018 and was the fan favourite winner for the second year on the trot.

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