Short film inspires off-road adventure

If this video doesn't make you want to his the trails then I don't know what will...

WHAT'S your back garden like?

Chances are, it's nowhere near as epic as that of our friends over at Brake Magazine. 

In fact, it's so epic that they've had to make a film about it. 

A film that makes the rest of us very, very jealous indeed...

'We're really lucky in Wales, we've got a bunch of spots that are incredible to ride,' commented Llewelyn Pavey, editor of Brake and star of the film.

'They're stunning, fun and completely legal and you don't often see that side of Wales. People always think it's miserable, raining and full of walkers but it's an incredible place to ride bikes.

'The point was for us to make a film that would be inspiring if we were the ones watching it. We wanted to make something that was simple and gave you that feeling of wanting to ride.' 

Well, they've certainly succeeded. Hats off!