Maxxis launches new MX tyres developed by Jeremy McGrath

The new Maxxis MX-SI and Maxxis MX-IH motocross tyres have been launched, developed in conjunction with motocross legend Jeremy McGrath

Jeremy McGrath on Kawasaki KX450 with Maxxis tyres

Maxxis has launched its latest range of motocross tyres, with the hard terrain Maxxis MX-IH and soft terrain Maxxis MX-SI tyres, developed with input from Jeremy McGrath.

The major difference between the new Maxxis MX-IH and Maxxis MX-SI is the terrain at which they are aimed. Where the IH is designed for intermediate-to-hard terrain, and to offer a consistent feeling through its construction, the SI targets soft-to-intermediate ground, and aims to provide maximum traction and consistent grip in these conditions.

Redesigned tread patterns compared to their respective predecessors are central to the new Maxxis MX tyres. On the IH, predictability is the objective, especially under acceleration and braking. This is similar on the SI, but the front tyre has had particular attention here to try to provide greater grip while leaning, while not compromising stability.

As with previous tyres in Maxxis’ motocross range, the MX-IH and MX-SI have both been developed with input from seven-times AMA Supercross 250SX Champion and 1995 AMA Pro Motocross 250MX Champion Jeremy McGrath.

Maxxis has also been the choice of numerous privateers in US motocross and supercross, such as Alex Ray, who recently raced his final AMA Supercross at the 2023 season finale in Salt Lake City.

Maxxis’ launch of the MX-IH and MX-SI came in the days after the Dunlop Geomax MX34 was launched earlier this week.

The Maxxis MX-IH and MX-SI are not yet available on the Maxxis UK website, but are retailing for $55 and $97, respectively, in the US, which equate to £44 and £78, respectively, at time of writing (May 2023).

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