Vespa GTS 125 and 150 updated for 2017

New i-get engine debuts in the Vespa GTS 125 and GTS 150

Vespa GTS 125 and 150 updated for 2017

VESPA has just unveiled its updated range of GTS scooters, which are powered by the new ‘ultra modern and technological’ single-cylinder four-stroke i-get engine.

The GTS is available in 125cc and 150cc capacities and the engine, which makes its debut in the GTS, is Euro 4 compliant.

The i-get engine family features many new parts including the cylinder head, piston, crankshaft and valve train, to make it more efficient and free from friction. The gearbox settings have also been amended to improve rideability, performance and fuel consumption.

The 125cc engine makes 12hp and the 150cc puts out 15hp – power figures that Vespa says are the result of thinking about the needs of city riders.

Both the 125cc and 150cc versions of the GTS feature new clear plastics on the front and rear indicators, and a new chrome-framed rear light assembly.

The covering for the saddle is new too, and the underseat storage can be opened with a remote.