Piaggio post record first half results for 2021 - sales are up 36.5%!

With total sales volumes up 36.5% as the first half of 2021 comes to a close, the Piaggio Group are enjoying positive post-lockdown growth.

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PIAGGIO Group has posted some impressive sales statistics to close off the first half of 2021, with the key number of sales volumes seeing an increase of 36.5%. 

Consisting of Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia, and Moto Guzzi, the Piaggio Group sold 242,800 vehicles globally up to the 30th of June 2021 - 49% greater than their comparative 2020 figure of 163,000. 

Net turnover also makes for positive reading at 761 million Euros, 62.7% greater compared to 467.6 million Euros in 2020. These figures also include spare parts and accessories, on their own valued at 69.5 million Euros. 

Strong growth in the key markets for Piaggio also, Europe showing growth of near 25%, Italy by around 50%, the Asia Pacific region by 66% and Chinese market by 90%. In both India and America, sales volumes are reported to have more than doubled.

Roberto Colaninno, President and CEO of the Piaggio Group, said:

“The Piaggio Group closed the first half of 2021 with very positive results globally, confirming the strong recovery that began in the second half of last year. Two-wheeler sales recorded an increase of + 49% compared to 30 June 2020 and + 12.5% compared to 30 June 2019, despite the Indian continent suffering heavily in the first half with long periods of total lockdown throughout the Village. 

All the main income statement indicators increased, the debt was reduced by over 125 million euros compared to the first half of 2020 and, at the same time, greater investments were made. The market appreciation for our new products, at the forefront of technology, design and Made in Italy style, is the demonstration of the validity of the path taken. Despite the fact that the Covid pandemic risk is still high at a global level, the conditions exist for the Group to consolidate the positive trend over time.”

Over the four brands that Piaggio encapsulate, the scooter segment is particularly important for Vespa and Piaggio, and has seen an increase of more than 50% of sales globally (and a 23% market share in Europe, 35.1% in North America) from sales of the MP3 range, new Beverly, plus the Aprilia branded scoots. 

A sector showing impressive growth is the motorcycle segment, with the group enjoying their highest revenues since 2007, with the success pinned to the new RS660 and Tuono 660 middleweights, plus the RSV4 and Tuono V4. Consider that the Tuareg 660 is on the horizon, and the motorcycle segment may be in store for further success.

Moto Guzzi has also recorded its highest ever sales revenues and volumes, thanks to sales of the V7 range and the V85TT. Reviews on both are on the way from Visordown, stay tuned.

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