Patent images show what a new Chinese 800cc four-cylinder bike could look like

China’s 800cc inline four-cylinder has been in development for a few years now, but now we have an idea of the bikes that will utilise it. 

Viselike VESK800. - Motorrad

CHINA’s Wuyi Weisenke have been developing an 800cc inline four-cylinder since 2020, and now patent images reveal what the bikes the engine will power might look like. 

Back in 2020, we reported on a Chinese-built 800cc inline four-cylinder that was being developed by Wuyi Weisenke Power Technology. At that time, though, the engine was being developed without external knowledge of what it might end up powering, aside from that such a vehicle would likely have two wheels. 

Now, though, patent images reveal what such a motorcycle might look like, and the resemblances to a familiar naked are not difficult to spot. 

In fact, the aesthetic similarities of the motorcycle were predictable from the engineering similarities the Wuyi 800cc shares with the engine of the Honda CB650R. Indeed, back in 2020 we wrote: “we don’t have to look far to spot where the inspiration for this product has come from, with it looking strikingly similar to that of the engine found in the Honda CBR650R and CB650R motorcycles.” We now know that the similarities go further than the motor. 

From the patent images, published on Motorrad, we can see that the bike which will be powered by Wuyi’s 800cc will indeed take visual cues from the CB650R naked from Honda. The bike will reportedly be built by Viselike or Jiajue, according to Motorrad, who also report the 800cc motor will produce 117 horsepower.  

This 800cc will be one of the biggest engines to come out of China with more than two cylinders, as the country’s motorcycle sector looks to become more competitive with the bikes from the Japanese brands, as well as those from the West. 

Images courtesy of Motorrad.

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