Norton Motorcycles interim CEO announced

The new owners of Norton Motorcycles have announced the interim CEO to help steer the company out of the mire

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NORTON Motorcycles has announced the interim CEO that they hope can help to steer the company for the foreseeable future at least.

His name is John Russell, and he has a background in both management consultancy, engineering, and the automotive sectors. Russell is the former director of Russell Avalon Ltd., a Coventry-based management consultancy firm. Alongside that role, he’s also held posts at both Magnese Bronze Holdings PLC (the company that makes the London Taxi), JLR (Land Rover), Harley-Davidson and has even held a seat on the board of the social enterprise founded by NHS employees.

Given that Norton’s new owners, TVS Motor, have already stated they do not plan to move production outside of the UK or even away from Donington Hall to begin with, having an interim CEO in place with sound local industry and supply chain knowledge can only be a good thing.

One of the first tasks Russell will be wrangling with is the backlog of unbuilt bikes that Norton has either been paid for, in part or full. TVS has already committed to completing these orders and getting those bikes out to their respective customers.

Once that is complete, the firm plans to move production away from the pretty but frankly unsuitable stately home. They look to then fulfill orders of bikes at a new, bespoke facility not far from Donington Hall but most definitely still in the United Kingdom.

Will TVS take Norton production outside the UK?

For now, TVS seem committed to keeping the bikes as a British-built product, although with a claimed 2,000 bikes per year output. With Norton’s previously growing range, featuring the Commando 961, V4, V4 RR, Atlas, and Nomad and the newly announced Superlight, it’d seem sensible that the assembly or manufacturing of some of those bikes to be outsourced to a foreign factory at some point. If anyone is set to make that move, and more importantly make a success of it, it’s TVS. They’re one of the largest motorcycle producers in India, with a wealth of regional knowledge and know-how in the region that could really boost the quality and lead time of Norton’s offerings.