Motorcycle groups call for government to recognise motorcycles

The UK’s leading motorcycle representative groups have submitted a paper calling for recognition of the role of the motorcycle in modern-day Britain

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THE UK’s biggest motorcycle organisations have today (14th May) sent a paper to the transport secretary, Grant Schapps, and to each of the devolved three devolved administrators for Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

In it they call for the government to take on board the positive effect motorcycles can have on the whole of the UK, as we move out of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The move comes after Schapps made an address to the nation, outlining how each of us should stay safe while travelling around the country. In it he pushed walking and cycling although completely ignored motorcycles as a convenient and socially-distanced form of personal transport.

The coalition of organisations consists of the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the Vintage Motorcycle Club (VMCC), the Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) and the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF). The groups jointly commissioned a White Paper which was submitted to the Secretary of State earlier today.

We have already reported on this message from Schapps, and letters and emails can be sent o your local MP. To find out how, click here.

The paper (can be read in full here) covers the following points:

  • Reviews ways the crisis is affecting motorcycle riding.
  • Discusses the conditions under which motorcyclists can continue to ride safely during the various COVID-19 Alert Level phases.
  • Sets out the case for a government-supported code of guidance for maintaining social distancing for riding in the present phase.
  • Sets the scene for review and discussion with the government about how restrictions affecting motorcycling can gradually be lifted as the country enters future lockdown phases.
  • Makes the case for encouraging the use of motorcycles as well as walking and cycling, during the crisis exit strategy and beyond.
  • Opens the discussion on policy proposals that could help encourage greater take-up of motorcycling by commuters, avoiding public transport in line with government guidance.

MAG Chair Selina Lavender said: “A new transport normal can only be achieved by consensus of all road user groups. We look forward to consulting with the government to ensure that motorcycles are given their rightful position in that new normal.”

BMF Chair Jim Freeman commented: “The time has come for the motorcycle to shine as a serious urban alternative to public transport, cycling and walking. For many, the typical public transport journey is too far to be walked or cycled. The car takes up far too much road and parking space.”

It is clear that now is the time for motorcyclists to unite and ensure that our voices are heard in parliament. That’s why Visordown is urging all readers to follow the link above and lend your support by contacting your local MP about this matter.