The A2 motorcycle licence test could be about to change

The government and DVSA is to consult on a new ruling which could overhaul the existing A2 motorcycle licence testing guidelines

Kawasaki Versys-X 300

NEW guidelines around A2 motorcycle licence could be about to get its biggest rule change in years as the use of different capacity motorcycles could come into force.

The change is currently being discussed in Europe, and we will more than likely follow, could see the rule around the capacity of motorcycle used for the test changed.

As it stands, anyone completing the A2 motorcycle licence exam must use a motorcycle of at least 395cc or above and with an engine power of between 20kW (27hp) and 35kW (47hp).

The new rules could see riders undertake their A2 motorcycle licence exam on smaller bikes, with less power, physical size, and weight. The new wording, already a directive in Europe, now simply states that the cubic capacity of the bike being used in the test must be at least 250cc.

How could the A2 motorcycle licence exam change?

The new ruling will mean that many riders will not have to take their test on bigger more powerful machines, the like of which they don’t see themselves riding after their test. For many, bikes like the V-Strom 250 or the Versys-X 300 are enough to fulfill the role of the main motorcycle. Being qualified to ride anything more is simply overkill.

The new ruling will come into force in the EU parliament by 25th May and should be adopted by member states by 1st November. Although the UK is currently in the process of leaving the EU, the UK government has stated for some time we will continue to follow EU directives and laws that follow the wants and needs of the nation.