Motorcycle dealer who sold bikes from home opens second showroom

A successful Triumph Motorcycles dealership owner who started out selling bikes in his front room has opened another showroom


IN something you might term a ‘real success story’, Staffordshire Triumph Motorcycles dealer Bob Sheldon has opened a second dealership showroom.

Now, a dealership opening a second showroom is noteworthy in itself, although it's when you take a look at where Bob’s journey in the two-wheeled world began that things get interesting. After leaving the coal mining industry in 1992, Bob switched to bikes and began selling used machines from his front room at home.

Fast forward to 2022, and he’s won many accolades, including Global Dealer of the Year in 2015, and the UK Dealer Award. His Staffordshire-based business grew and grew, to the point that he currently employs around 18 people at that one store alone.

To grow the business, he has now taken on a second home, Staffordshire Honda, on Newcastle Under Lymes Blackfriars Road. The second store will, as the name suggests be focused on Honda bikes, and has a fleet of new and used models, with some other manufacturers’. It is located in the city centre, close to Lyme Brook.

Speaking of the expansion the Stoke on Trent Live, Bob said:

“Running a business is tough but the rewards far outweigh the downsides even after working long hours.

“We continue to invest in new technology, our people and new premises to help the business to grow. The motor sector has seen some real difficulties with supply issues, while the cost of living challenge is forcing dealerships to create ever more innovative value-added offers for the cost-conscious consumer.”

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